Halsey Construction

Halsey Construction

Halsey Construction offers a wide range of building services and will consider all building work. As an established and trusted Gatwick building company, we provide building services throughout West Sussex and offer the same exceptional standards of workmanship and courteous, attentive service from the smallest building project to the largest.

Building your Dreams

Building your dreams

All house plans are completely customisable, so you can adapt them to suit your own style and requirements. The end product is entirely up to you and the only limit is your imagination!

Building Relationships

Halsey Construction builds Relationships

Why choose Halsey Construction...

Experienced builders
Dedicated project manager
Full transparent quotations
Professional fully insured building contractor.
Dedicated Planning and building control.


New Extension

A new home extension is a great way of adding extra space. Whether you plan on expanding your lounge, kitchen or dining area or simply want an additional bedroom or bathroom as the size of your family increases.

A house extension often adds anything from10-25% to the existing value of your property, making them a great investment in the long run too!

Creating Outdoor space

Creating outdoor space

Hard landscape shapes are what give your garden form and structure. From pergolas to paving, fencing to fountains, hard landscaping provides a base on which the softer elements, such as flowers and shrubs, can perform.

Halsey Construction

With the help of Halsey Construction

Our expert home extension team has lots of experience in creating a wide range of different home extensions.

Equipped with all of the skills and qualifications needed to complete your home extension, Halsey Construction provides you with quality construction service for house extensions in West Sussex, saving you the cost and inconvenience of having to deal with any other building companies.